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Welcome to Mothernova: A blast of “in the know” for parents on the go!

Alison Johansen, MothernovaHi! I’m Alison Grace Johansen–a journalist-mama with two energetic kiddos and a constantly curious mind. You also could say I’m an author, writer, editor, researcher and advocate for those with special needs. I’m a mama who wants to get to the bottom of things, spread awareness and help make a difference.

Welcome to my blog. Mothernova® is a parenting website where my journey into motherhood meets food allergies, food allergy awareness and advocacy, allergen-free baking, pediatric health, mindful parenting, education, writing, children’s literature and several other hot-button parenting issues that are close to my heart.

This blog is where I share my journey, what I’m learning, my ideas and my hopes for the future.

It is also the place where I share the latest news about my children’s book, HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy!

When my first child was born, we came face-to-face with food allergies and sleep apnea. I truly got a crash course in motherhood and quickly learned how to be my child’s best advocate. I soon thereafter discovered I have food allergies myself.

If you have a passion for making sure all children (and those who care for them) are healthy, happy, safe, informed and included—and for changing things to make sure this happens—then this blog is for you.

Mothernova features six categories

After working for almost 15 years as a journalist for two large publishers, I love interviewing, researching, writing and getting to the bottom of things. As I’ve navigated my way through motherhood, the reporter in me has been doing a ton of research about everything from the rights of children with special needs in the school setting to pediatric feeding and mindful parenting.

In this spirit, Mothernova offers practical tips and musings in six categories:

  • In the know: Spotlights doctors, specialists, and other noteworthy leaders in interviews, Q&As, and special reports about key health and other issues affecting our kids.
  • In the kitchen: Highlights allergen-free and nutritious recipes and ideas, along with their creators and kitchen tips.
  • At play: Mothernova believes in the importance of play in child development and learning, and will bring to the table creative play ideas and special insights.
  • On the shelves: Reviews books, music, movies, and other helpful products.
  • On the go: Offers safe, kid-friendly activities.
  • Just for mom: Shares ideas, experiences, and tips that have helped me on my journey.

My Favorite Posts

Here are some of my most popular articles, if you want to get a better idea of what I’m all about:

I’m hopeful that Mothernova will grow with me as I continue my journey of seeking answers and will become a place of support for you as well.

I have several freelance clients for which I help with writing, editing, newsletter content and social media strategy. I also handle content strategy and creation for Pixel Jocks, a digital marketing agency. Please reach out to me to find out more about how we can help you!

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Stop in. Get some new ideas. Join me on my journey!

Please note that my writing, advice, tips, and all other information given by Mothernova stems from my personal experience and opinion; it should not be used as a substitute for professional legal or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. My content is meant only for support.