Need Some Cool, Food-Free Fun for February 14? – Enter the Tie-Dye Valentine!

Valentine's Day nonfood craftsValentine’s Day, like most holidays, can be a cringe-worthy event for food allergy mamas like me. With boxes of allergen-laden candy taking center stage in our commercially-inspired celebrations, we must plan ahead to ensure our kiddos feel safe and included, ideally with some food-free fun.

The good news for me is my son’s school has a no-candy policy for Valentine’s Day and there isn’t a party with food. Instead, they are having some food-free fun exchanging Valentine’s Day cards. Too, if they do share Valentine’s Day cards, they must give one to every classmate to ensure everyone is included.

But I always have a good holiday craft on hand in case, as room mom, I need to help the teachers come up with something safe and fun for the kids.

I can’t remember where I first saw this craft idea for making Valentine’s Day cards and now that I’m doing a search I see the idea is all over the blogosphere. But if you haven’t already seen it, it’s a cute, cool, kid-friendly, allergen-friendly and fun way to make Valentine’s Day or other holiday cards for friends!

Instructions for Making Tie-Dye Valentine’s Day Cards

1. Choose the background for your card. I found these pretty doilies at the Dollar Store!

2. Take a white paper coffee filter and have fun coloring it with washable markers.

3. Fold the coffee filter in half four times into equal triangles.

4. Fill a cup with about a 1/2 inch of water.

5. Stick the tip of the folded coffee filter into the water and watch it soak up the colors.

6. Let the filter drip out into the cup and let it dry for a few hours.

7. Cut out whatever shapes you need. For this craft, I was able to refold the coffee filter and cut out four hearts per filter.

8. Glue the tie-dye heart onto the doily, write your message and voila!

Although I wouldn’t call myself crafty, I have had to step up my game with crafts now that my kiddo is in school and I need to help with non-food, fun ideas for class. So I’ve been doing a lot of crafts lately.

I usually don’t blog about them, but I just had to share this one. This simple and cheap craft really surprised me in how easy it was and how beautiful it turned out.

Most importantly, it was a thrill for the kiddos. Any age can participate. No matter what you color on the coffee filter, when you open up the filter after the colors have soaked through, the design is always a beautiful, colorful surprise!

Do you have any cool crafts that are a favorite with your kids? I’d love to add them to my toolkit! Too, if you haven’t signed up for my free newsletter, it’s super easy and you can do so below. Come check us out!