Daily Nova: Hopkins Case Offers Hope to Those With Egg and Peanut Allergies

Milk, Egg and Peanut AllergiesJohns Hopkins Children’s Center recently posted an announcement that is sure to thrill the food allergy community: A little boy, Will Fountain, “beat” his egg and peanut allergies.

According to the May 29 article, penned by Fountain and originally published in Hopkins Children’s magazine (Spring 2013), after participating in separate studies on egg and peanut allergies under the care of Dr. Robert A. Wood and his team at Hopkins, he can now safely eat egg and peanut.

Moreover, Dr. Wood, who is the chief pediatric allergist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, thinks Fountain “may be the first person in the world to have been cured of two food allergies,” Fountain said.

The main thing Fountain has to do going forward is to continue to keep egg and peanut in his diet on a regular basis, he explained in the article.

This is pretty fantastic news for a little boy who was born with life-threatening dairy, egg and peanut allergies. The breakthrough is sure to provide hope for parents like myself who want to believe their children will outgrow their food allergies–or at least be able to tolerate them–down the road.

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Image by photographer pogonici/www.shutterstock.com.