HumFree’s Food Allergy Awareness Giveaway: BOGO for Your School or Library for Two Days Only!

HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy Giveaway!Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 8 to May 14, is just around the corner. I believe one of the most effective ways to bring food allergy awareness to children–to help our kids really “get” it–is through books. In this spirit, for today and tomorrow only, I’m offering a “Buy One Get One” giveaway of my children’s picture book, HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy, to anyone who orders a copy from me on my website today or tomorrow!

As a food allergy mama, I always look forward to Food Allergy Awareness Week. In past years it has meant having access to new resources, cool posters, fun stickers and spreading awareness about food allergies. It’s also a wonderful time to reconnect with my supportive food allergy friends, to thank my friends and family who help keep us safe, and to promote greater and better awareness.

I’m always grateful to our food allergy community for being such a wealth of support, information–and awesome products!  This year I’m excited to share something of my own with everyone.

Spreading Awareness Book by Book, Heart by Heart

I believe children’s picture books are a wonderful way to engage, teach and really reach a child. I always say I’m trying to spread awareness one book at a time, but it’s really one heart at a time, isn’t it? I truly believe HumFree the Bee and his cute friends will steal your heart if you let them. By sharing a copy with our schools, libraries and anyone in our communities, we can help them reach our friends without food allergies too!

Let’s spread food allergy awareness together, book by book and heart by heart!

Don’t forget to tell your teachers and librarians about HumFree’s “Food Allergy Bee” in the back of the book. This Q&A shares the basics of food allergies, along with easy and fun tips for keeping our friends with food allergies safe, happy and included! If you want to find out more about HumFree, check out my book page for fun facts, sweet reviews and more!

Remember: To get this free copy of HumFree, you must order the first book from me on my website today or tomorrow by clicking on the link above, filling out the form below, or visiting me on my website here. I will see who orders their copy today (April 27, 2016) and tomorrow and mail out a free second copy. Two books for the price of one! This giveaway is limited in time so I in turn have time to mail everyone’s copies out for Food Allergy Awareness Week, so get yours now before the end of this Thursday, April 28, 2016!

[Editorial note: If you’re reading this after April 28, 2016, you can order a copy of HumFree the Bee on Amazon!]