What Do the Words ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Hope’ Mean to You?

What Do the Words 'Inspiration' and 'Hope' Mean to You?Over the past month I’ve been thinking a lot about Inspiration and Hope. Amid the daily details of parenting, it’s easy to lose sight of our dreams and goals. Summer can be the perfect time to recharge and refocus.

What is inspiration?

Inspiration is the process of being moved to feel or driven to do something that has special meaning and is important to us. For me, my family’s journey managing food allergies has been my inspiration for sharing HumFree’s story.

What is hope?

Hope is an anticipation and a desire for something to happen. My hope is that HumFree and his friends will reach children. I hope he shows all children that they aren’t alone. We are all different and have our own struggles. But with the help of family and friends, we can figure out how to be safe while being included and doing what we love.

What inspires you?

What about you? We are all different, following our unique paths and influences. We are here for different reasons. We are all important. What is your inspiration? What drives you?

What is your hope?

What is your hope for the future? As each year passes, I realize more and more that we all have to listen to that whisper, that gut feeling pulling us, and follow it. It must be calling us for a reason, right? So if you want to do something, do it! Follow that inner voice guiding you. I’m certain we will all be the better for it!

This inspiration and hope is what brought HumFree the Bee to life, and I’m so glad I listened. Here’s to all of us continuing to follow—and even change—our paths. Here’s to being inspired and remaining hopeful.

What inspires you as you grow as a parent? What gives you hope and what do you hope for on your journey? We would love to hear your stories to add to our inspiration!