Daily Nova: Our Quick Dairy-Free Sugar-Cookie Fix!

SugarCookieMixI hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. As the sun started to set on Sunday and the kids were settling down for the evening, I began thinking about families and traditions.

My mother-in-law had left a few hours earlier after a nice afternoon of playing with the kids. We enjoyed pork tenderloin on the grill with her delicious peach juice dressing. She is a marvelous cook, being a dietitian and having taken numerous culinary classes over the years. She once again brought to the table another great recipe.

It got me thinking about my new website, and the “in the kitchen” section, in particular. My original vision was to interview the outstanding chefs whose cookbooks line my shelves, featuring their yummy recipes that have become some of our staples. And I still plan to do that.

But I realized that between our families, our mothers, my husband, and myself, we have so many recipes (that are now dairy-free) that are simple and delicious. Because of my son’s milk and egg allergies, we make most of our own breads, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies from scratch. We have a whole arsenal of dairy-free recipes for meals.

We also have an impressive list of dairy-free brands that have become our go-to snacks.

So as I was sitting on the couch, watching the sun fade behind the trees with my baby girl in my arms and my sweet son and husband sitting on the couch opposite us, I reached for the little plate of sugar cookies on the side table and knew what I wanted to share for the first “Daily Nova” for my readers: our secret stash of delicious Cherrybrook Kitchen sugar cookies.

While we often make our own oatmeal sugar cookies because they are nutritious and cheap, the Cherrybrook Kitchen brand is free of the top eight allergens and, frankly, absolutely delicious. (It also is gluten-free.) You just add dairy-free margarine, your choice of milk, and vanilla extract; in a few minutes, you have a safe, mouth-watering treat that even my mother-in-law finds delectable!

So as the summer approaches and you have visitors who are in need of a new, quick, safe alternative to your regular go-to treat, just pop what we call our “quick mix-fix” in the oven and you will be a hit. And shh…. If you want to really impress everyone, just hide the box!

Does your family have a dairy-free and egg-free recipe or brand that’s a hit? We’d love to hear about it!

2 Responses to “Daily Nova: Our Quick Dairy-Free Sugar-Cookie Fix!”
  1. Emily

    Just discovered your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes and favorites!! We food allergy Moms have to stick together. 🙂 I have just started blogging our recipes so that my children will have access to their favorites wherever they are. My two with milk, egg, and peanut allergy love Cherrybrook Kitchen products. We also like Divvies and Enjoy Life.

    • Alison Johansen

      Thank you so much! Yes, we food allergy moms must stick together. This food allergy community is so supportive and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and recipes too. It looks like we are managing the same food allergies. Cherrybrook Kitchen, Divvies and Enjoy Life are our go-to favorites. Yum!