Food-Allergy Safe Fun for Valentine’s Day: Food-Free Crafts & Safe Treats

Food Allergy Safe Fun for Valentine's DayHolidays are such festive and fun times during the year, but they can be stressful for families managing food allergies and other food restrictions. As we food allergy mamas and papas know, celebrating Valentine’s Day can be particularly challenging.

While many school policies prohibit sending in candy with Valentines, families always have to be at the ready, navigate the rules, plan ahead and help keep the classroom safe for all of our kiddos.

Over the years, I’ve written about my favorite food-free Valentine’s crafts and safe treats. Because as a food allergy parent, we always have to be prepared with fun ideas and safe, food-free alternatives for home and the classroom!

My Favorite Food-Free Crafts & Safe Treats

Scrambling at the last minute for safe alternatives for playdates and the classroom can be stressful, and it is often a way of life for food allergy parents. So I’ve put together a list with links to my favorites over the years:

Tie-Dye Valentine Craft:

100 Craft Projects:

Sharing Fun Books with Your Friends and Class:

Easy Sugar Cookies:

Chocolate Oreo Candies:

Sweet Debbie’s Treats:

The Food Allergy Parent’s Stash

As a food allergy parent with children in school, it can make your life easier if you have time to be a room parent as well. This way you can manage the food being brought into the classroom and ensure all activities are safe for all students–with no last-minute surprises (or at least fewer last-minute surprises).

I always have my go-to safe and yummy snacks at the ready for all of the different celebrations.

Enjoy Life cookies, Cybele Pascale’s cookies, original Oreos, Dum-Dum lollipops, safe candy canes, and Scribblers original flavored popsicles are some of my go-to successes! I always send out the ingredients listed on the packages to ensure they are safe for all.

I also plan ahead with fun, food-free games and crafts for the class. Over the years, I’ve compiled a lot of fun and safe ideas! From scavenger hunts and word-guessing games, to tic-tac-toe and bingo, there are so many fun and educational games and crafts for the classroom.

I wish you all safe, fun and included Valentine’s Day celebrations–and all celebrations!

Do you have fun, food-free crafts and games that have been a hit at home or in your child’s classroom? I’d love to add them to my list and link to them! Please note that the treats above are safe for my family with our specific food allergies. Always check ingredients and labels to make sure products are safe for you too.