Welcome to Mothernova Parenting Website: A Blast of “In the Know” for Parents on the Go

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Welcome to Mothernova, a parenting website created by a journalist-mama with two energetic kiddos, a constantly curious mind, and a long list of questions about food allergies, vaccines, breastfeeding, pediatric feeding, nutrition and several other hot-button issues.

When my first child was born over six years ago, I came face-to-face with food allergies and sleep apnea. I truly got a crash course in motherhood and quickly learned how to be my child’s best advocate.

Parenting Website Offers Tips, Interviews, Special Reports.

After working as a journalist for almost 15 years, I love interviewing, researching, and really getting to the bottom of things.

In this spirit, Mothernova delivers practical tips, special interviews, feature reports, reviews and short blasts of information from those “in the know” straight to your in-box. If you would like to receive these free newsletters, SIGN UP HERE!

We couldn’t have launched this parenting website at a better time: just after Mother’s Day and in the middle of Food Allergy Awareness Week. In fact, I covered the annual Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) conference in Arlington, Va., with special reports on the conference and “tweets” from the sessions. You also can follow me on Twitter.

Mothernova Features Six Categories.

Mothernova offers six categories to highlight the latest hot topics in parenting, motherhood, and child development:

  • In the know
  • In the kitchen
  • At play
  • On the shelves
  • On the go
  • Just for mom

I’m thrilled to share that Mothernova’s first interview, with Beth Frook of the Little Hands music program, is featured in our “at play” section. Another great interview is with a pediatric feeding and speech therapist about help for so-called picky eaters and other children struggling at meal time.

News Blasts Will Provide the Latest!

The motto for Mothernova is “a blast of in the know for moms on the go.” In this spirit, I will send out short blasts of helpful information taken from my interviews and research. These posts will offer more specific tips, so check them out on the website or follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest.

Over the years, I’ve found that so many resources offer such varied advice. I’ve often wished there had been someone or something to connect the dots for me. I want Mothernova to be a place for questions, a place to share ideas, a place of answers, and a place for that “Aha!” moment.

But most importantly, I want Mothernova to be a place where you can get support. As we all know, parenting is no easy task. I’m hopeful that Mothernova will grow with me as I continue my journey of seeking answers, and will become a place of support for you as well.

Stop in. Get some new ideas. Join me on my journey!

Are there specific issues that are close to your heart? Is there someone we should interview? Let us know in the comments!

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Please note that my writing, advice, tips and all other information given by Mothernova stems from my personal experience and opinion; it should not be used as a substitute for professional legal or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In a similar vein, my interviews with specialists, doctors and other professionals are conducted with a general audience in mind and are not to be taken as individual-specific advice or diagnoses. My content is meant only for support. Please consult your doctor or other medical professionals.

Also note that I’m now a book reviewer for Children’s Literature in Washington, D.C. This is an unpaid position. They provide books to review, which I get to keep, but the reviews are my own. You can find my reviews on their website. I post the reviews that are of interest to the parenting and food allergy communities under “On the Shelves” on my blog.

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