My Most Important New Year’s Resolution for 2017

My Most Important New Year's ResolutionToday is the beginning of another year. Are you making a good New Year’s resolution? We inevitably review our past year with a medley of emotions. Relief. Regret. Happiness. Sadness. Bitterness. Amazement. Exhaustion. Resilience. But what I want to focus on today–and during the year ahead–is truth.

You weren’t expecting that one, right? Truth. It sounds like an odd New Year’s resolution. Shouldn’t we be talking about mindfulness, happiness, hope and all of the other positive goals and emotions we usually call upon as that glittery ball drops into the new year?

My Best New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Of course, it isn’t just plain old truth I want to focus on, but rather my truths. I want to be truer to myself and what’s important for me. It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it? How can we always be true to ourselves in the midst of so many things tugging on our bodies, minds and heartstrings?

If we follow our truths and are true to ourselves, I believe the rest of what we need this year will follow.

Why is focusing on our truths so difficult? For me, so many things were happening in 2016 that I got a bit sidetracked at times. Not that I didn’t say “no” to anything, because I certainly did. But as I reflect on the past 12 months, I see that I let myself get sucked into some things that didn’t need my attention–and took away way too much energy. I also sacrificed some of my own truths for those of others.

Being True to Ourselves and Our Children

So my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to be more mindful about what’s important to me and nurture this in everything: relationships, family, friends, goals, work, play…. Part of this is being true to ourselves in our role as parents–especially when what we have to do is challenging.

We food allergy mamas and papas–and any of us caring for another–often feel like a huge weight is on our shoulders, don’t we? There are so many moments when it would be momentarily easier to just chill.

Now notice I say momentarily, because of course we have to be true to ourselves and our children, rising to the challenges each day so we all stay safe, healthy, happy and included.

Do we really have to listen to that tugging on our minds and hearts telling us it’s time to step in? Yep. There’s no other way. We have to be at the ready, say no, make those calls, send those emails, share what we know and explain, explain, explain.

What Is Your Truth?

Another truth is what we are meant to do in this complex and crazy world that is filled with possibilities. What’s our purpose? Were we born to do something? As I get older and see my children and friends’ children in action, I’ve come to the belief that we really are born with innate personalities and talents. Our environment and work ethic come into play, but I feel like we are all truly meant to do something–we just have to find that passion, or sometimes give in to it!

Of course we often have to do things that just pay the bills, but what I’m talking about is that Aha! moment when you see your child or someone else doing something beautifully and brilliantly that you didn’t teach them, that is just innate in them. Think about what you’re doing when something is so fulfilling and fun that you lose sight of time, insecurities, fears, negative thoughts and distractions–and just live in the moment.

It can be so easy to forget our truths in the hustle and bustle of everyday living, obligations and distractions, right?

Just last week, I was reminded of one of my truths at my daughter’s holiday party. I signed up to read to her class and chose my family’s favorite origami book–with cool snowflakes, a reindeer and more holiday images that unfold as you open the pages.

Sure there were poetic words on the pages meant for adults, but I ignored them and just had fun with it, turning it into a game and asking the kids to call out what they saw as soon as they knew what it was. I really couldn’t tell you where the teachers and parents were or what they were doing. I was just having so much fun in those moments.

The next day one of the parents sent me a picture of myself, mouth wide open while laughing with the children. I don’t know why I was surprised by the picture, but the joy I saw reminded me that this path I’m on is one of my truths. Despite past shyness, insecurities, a mind filled with things to do and everything in between, give me a book and an eager listener, and I’m in heaven.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Let Your Light Shine

The real truth is that when we are engaged and happy–when we let our light shine–that is when our truth, our passion, is realized. I believe that when we all shine our lights, the world becomes a brighter place. It sure does sound cliché, but sometimes we all need reminding, don’t we?

If you get lost and lose sight of your truths, trust your heart and follow it. Your Aha! moment is sure to follow.

For those of you who already honor yours, I thank you. You’ve touched my life this year by sharing your support, knowledge, books, products, stories, kindness and love. It truly takes a village, and I’m so grateful you all are in mine.

So let us not forget about, set aside, dim or cover up our lights. We need them now more than ever. Let’s step forward and shine them brightly together at full blast and behold, the brilliance we shall see and feel! Sending my best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy, hopeful and brilliant new year!

If you haven’t met HumFree, the bee with a food allergy in my children’s book, you can meet him and his friends here! The picture book is a great tool for teaching children about food allergies in a fun way and, needless to say, is one of my truths and passions!

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