Book Review: “Big Book of Emotions” Is Big Hit

Mothernova's Book ReviewsIn honor of National Children’s Book Week, here’s a new review of a cute children’s picture book about managing our feelings. My kids can’t seem to put down!

Liesbet Slegers hits a home run with this story about Kevin, a likeable and typical little boy who experiences the very big feelings life throws at him throughout his day. Kevin’s story is playful, easy-to-read and self-explanatory so kids can read by themselves. If you have a young toddler and a child in elementary school, this book is sure to be a big hit with both!

Slegers offers colorful and cute illustrations that are perfect for engaging this age group and taking kids through all of Kevin’s very common daily activities, which leave him feeling very common emotions: happiness, anger, sadness and fear.

Children need help learning how to accept their feelings so they can work through them. Slegers does just that.

She playfully invites children into Kevin’s day to see how he works through his feelings. What does he look like when he’s angry? He has furrowed eyebrows and a frowning mouth when his blocks fall down or when he is being pushed. Why is he feeling a certain way? Why is he angry with his cat? What will make him happy while he is sick? We are invited to lift the flaps to find out!

Slegers offers gentle ways to help children work through frustrating emotions like anger by taking a breath and counting to ten. Most importantly, Kevin shows us how he is able to feel better. He may be crying because he bumped his head, but a hug and kiss from mom, along with a bandage, help him feel better.

Throughout the book and especially at the end, Kevin shows the many reasons why he is happy! What does being happy look like? See his bright eyes, smiling mouth and hopping feet!

In a note at the beginning of the book for parents and teachers, Slegers talks about how important it is for children to accept and explore what can be very confusing emotions so they’re able to express their feelings and ultimately feel better. If they don’t learn how to do this, they may act out.

Let’s help them! The illustrations and different scenarios shown in the book will help children understand why they may act out their feelings in inappropriate ways, but that these feelings are okay and there are ways to feel better.

Creative questions, lift-the-flaps, poems, mazes and games offer parents and teachers several simple and fun scenarios for gently guiding children to work through what can feel like very big emotions.

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Another book that the kids and I love reading to help us with our emotions is Visiting Feelings.

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BIBLIO: 2013, Clavis Publishing Inc., Ages 2 up, $18.95.

FORMAT: Picture Book

ISBN: 978-1-605371641