Book Review: New E-Book Offers Refreshing, Fun Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthy

7 Ways to Get Your Child to Eat HealthyEditor’s Note: I’m thrilled to share with you a new e-book about how to help our children eat healthy, especially while managing food allergies. Brynn Hadler, the founder of AllergyBytes, reached out to me about her latest endeavor. I’m so glad she did. As always, if you’re managing food allergies or other diagnoses, consult with your allergist and other medical professionals.

Do you need help at mealtime with a picky eater? Do you give in to junk food if it’s all your child will eat, or because everyone else is eating it? Are you managing food allergies? Do you need fun ideas for how to eat healthy?

Brynn Elizabeth Hadler’s new 43-page e-book, 7 Ways to Your Get Children to Eat Healthy, offers creative and practical ways to change mealtime so you and your younger and impressionable family members will want to eat healthier and will have fun while doing so.

What’s New About This Guide?

You probably are wondering what sets this resource apart from the many others out there that give advice on healthy eating.

First and foremost, Brynn’s strategies also speak to those with food allergies, many of whom can’t eat some of what is suggested by other books out there.

Brynn, whose own child has multiple food allergies, knows how it feels to want our children to fit in where food is concerned and addresses this while giving us fun and healthy options. According to Brynn, she “became frustrated with the standard recommendations for healthy eating which nearly always include items that are part of the top 8 food allergens and usually include foods my child could not eat.”

In addition to offering simple strategies, she addresses the common mistakes we often make that pull us farther and farther away from the healthy path. 

I don’t want to give everything away, but one takeaway for me is that sneaking in healthy food should only be a last resort. She addresses why allowing the bad stuff into our diets–or even hiding the good stuff–won’t help us build the strong foundation of healthy eating habits that our children will need down the road.

Another takeaway is that vitamin supplements aren’t the golden answer.

Focus on Nutrition, Not Social Pressure.

Brynn homes in on one of the key issues for families managing food allergies: inclusion and social pressure. I admit there are times when I’m not as concerned about the less nutritional ingredients in a treat if it’s free of my child’s allergens and everyone else is eating it. What? No allergens? Yippee!

When weighing inclusion versus nutrition in social situations, inclusion may take precedence for us because our diet may already be limited. However, Brynn shows how we can still feel included while choosing healthy options at the same time: a win-win!

Too, she reminds us that nutrition is so important for those of us with food allergies given our dietary restrictions.

Plan Ahead; Have Toolkit Ready!

Brynn stresses the importance of planning ahead and having a toolkit of different techniques ready to use for different types of children.

In particular, she offers seven techniques that really make sense, are practical, and are very helpful.

In addition to great step-by-step ideas, she provides cool–and cute!–pictures that show how to turn healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into something fun. With tips for each step, she foresees the problems we might encounter and offers help.

Three techniques that I’ve already started implementing are: make it fun, offer a variety of options, and eat meals together!

Thoughtful, creative and knowledgeable, Brynn’s advice really hits home as my family navigates the realities of food allergies, nutrition, healthy eating and the sometimes picky habits of my kids. Brynn’s e-book offers practical and fun tips for helping our kids–especially those managing food allergies–make and enjoy healthier food choices.

A little bird told me she is turning this e-book into a larger print version as well. So if you like where she’s going with her advice, as I’m sure you will, you’ll be pleased that more is just around the corner!

This e-book has become a helpful resource for me that will be saved on my iPhone for whenever I need some fresh ideas for helping my family choose–and enjoy!–healthier meals. Thanks, Brynn!

7 Ways to Get Your Get Children to Eat Healthy is available on Amazon: Shop at! (affiliate link)

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