Book Review: Visiting Feelings Gets an A+

Mothernova's Book ReviewsIn a fast-paced world where parents type away on iPhones and families rush from one activity to the next, Visiting Feelings is a beautifully illustrated book that takes children on a magical journey and essentially invites them to stop and take a breath. How are they feeling?

Lauren Rubenstein’s easy-to-read rhyming verses are catchy and fun. She gently encourages children to recognize, listen to, feel and explore their emotions: Are they as light as a cloud and bright like the sun? Or do they grumble like a thunderstorm?

The vibrant and whimsical illustrations by Shelly Hehenberger playfully show readers how to acknowledge and welcome their feelings with open arms.

For example, a child’s feelings may seem “heavy and huge like a grizzly bear” but seeing the boy in the illustration embrace the bear as they ride through the storm invites that child’s imagination to accept and work through feelings they otherwise may have ignored.

In a “Note to Parents” at the end of the book, Rubenstein, a licensed clinical psychologist, talks caregivers through the importance of fostering this sense of “mindfulness” in their families, along with the tools to do so.

In particular, she offers parents several practical, simple, and helpful activities that she categorizes as reflection exercises, mindful breathing and cognitive exercises.

My son and I loved going through the beautifully illustrated pages and emotions and hope you do as well! You can find the book on Amazon: Shop at!

BIBLIO: 2014, Magination Press, Ages 3 up, $14.95.

FORMAT: Picture Book

ISBN: 978-1-4338-1339-9

ISBN: 1-4338-1339-4

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