Book Review: Boyle’s Guide to Childhood Anxiety Is a Must-Read for All Parents

Book Review: The Conscious Parent's Guide to Childhood AnxietyChildren today face so many different pressures that can cause childhood anxiety. Juggling everything from learning how to cope with inner emotional tensions to handling outside stressors like academics and cyberbullying, our kids are processing a lot.

As a mama managing food allergies, I’m used to navigating different levels of anxiety in my family’s life. So when I received Sherianna Boyle’s book, The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Childhood Anxiety, I dove right in.

I’ve been reading daily ever since, right down to her last helpful words.

The cover describes Boyle’s book as “a mindful approach for helping your child become calm, resilient, and secure.” It definitely hits the mark. Dare I share that I’ve applied Boyle’s analysis and tips on managing anxiety to myself as well!

Book Review: Boyle’s Guide to Childhood Anxiety Is a Must-Read for All Parents

Anxiety enters all of our lives in varying degrees at different times, doesn’t it? When we’re in the thick of it and have developed ineffective coping habits, it can be quite challenging to find our calm in the storm.

Boyle’s guide offers a practical and thoughtful toolset for all of us navigating our children’s emotions (and our own) during their different stages of development.

She really breaks down what’s happening and how we can help.

Her 16 chapters begin with lessons in conscious parenting, the causes and symptoms of anxiety, school stressors and other outside pressures. She then homes in on the importance of building a supportive home environment, mindful parenting, how to approach discipline, and effective remedies.

The heart of her advice is about being truly present with our children.

Effective parenting–and living, for that matter–is all about being mindful, isn’t it?

But being mindful and present in today’s society sure can be challenging with all of the appealing distractions that vie for our attention–and our children’s attention!

What Can We Do?

So many of Boyle’s tips have been “Aha!” moments for me as well as helpful reminders. One of these moments is her discussion about the past, present and future. She advises us to be in the now. After all, if we are being mindful in the present, we aren’t worrying about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.

I particularly like her advice about the process for overcoming anxiety and that our parental role is that of guide and supporter:

“The process of overcoming anxiety takes your child along a journey of creating healthy boundaries, developing resiliency, self-discipline, creativity, autonomy, and most of all self-love.” —Sherianna Boyle, MEd, CAGS

I also like her “Conscious Parenting Pointers” that stress the benefits of consistency and follow-through, routine, planning ahead, patience, healthy co-parenting, and reframing our language.

Her practical steps for alleviating anxiety include breathing, meditating, engaging in muscle relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, self-talk and self-soothing. They sound good, don’t they?

What If It’s More Than Childhood Anxiety?

With an extensive background in teaching, counseling and neuro-coaching, Boyle also delves into how to help children with conditions other than or more than anxiety, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, adjustment disorders, shyness and introversion, and being over-extended.

This resource truly breaks down parenting for the individual child and offers mindful–and doable–solutions.

Sometimes the simplest changes in our mindset, routine, habits and communication can make all the difference. They can help transition our children–and ourselves!–from being anxious to understanding our feelings. The outcome is being resourceful, competent and resilient.

All we need are some helpful tips and a starting point, like Boyle’s book, and we are on our way!

If you’d like to learn more about Sherianna Boyle–along with her books, philosophies and tips, head over to her website. You won’t be disappointed!

Editor’s Note: Please note this book was provided to me for purposes of this review, but my opinions are my own. For more mindful parenting tips, check out the “Just for Mom” section on my blog where I share my adventures in motherhood, how we manage our food allergy anxieties, and more! 

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