HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy: Our Story of Hope, Awareness and Friendship

HumFree the Bee Has a Food AllergyI’ve been anxiously awaiting this moment–when I can introduce you to someone who has been a source of hope, comfort and inspiration for me and my family for quite a while now. In one word, this special little someone is HUMFREE!

As my family and I navigated food allergies these past few years, this baby bee’s story kept nudging me. So I found the lovely illustrator Brian Talbott to bring HumFree to life, and my vision was born!

HumFree the bee is like all of our kiddos. He just wants to feel good and have fun doing what he loves. For HumFree, this means buzzing around super fast with his friends! After discovering he has food allergies that are making him sick, HumFree learns how to manage them so he can do just that.

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HumFree the Bee Has a Food Allergy: Our Message of Hope, Awareness and Friendship

Imagine going to the library and having to leave because you’re reacting with hives and swelling. Imagine going to a soccer game and not being able to focus on playing because you’re itchy all over. Imagine trying yogurt for the first time and having to be rushed to the doctor. Imagine having a play date and getting over 20 hives from touching your friend’s toys.

This has been our life with food allergies. How do we stay safe? We exercise vigilance, avoid our allergens to the best of our ability and wipe everything down. We plan ahead and communicate.

After several years of managing food allergies, we have finally found safe classes (and classrooms) for my son where, just like HumFree, he can do what he loves—run super fast and have fun with his friends!

The feeling of trust and not having to worry (as much) about having a reaction from food allergen residue on friends’ hands or equipment? Priceless. We’ve found teachers who get it, friends who care and look out for us, and a food allergy community of support and essential resources.

HumFree Sends Message: Doing What We Love Can Be Possible!

Our experience got me thinking about others like us. Are children like my son able to get out and do what they love? Have they found any local classes that are safe? Do they need help? Do they know they aren’t alone?

There are some wonderful children’s books about food allergies that my family and I love. But as I discovered with our first year in public school, we need more. More books. More dialogue. More understanding. More safe classrooms. More safe places. More education. More awareness.

So I wanted to share a food allergy story that addresses diagnosis, but also one that takes it a step further and addresses living and doing what makes us happy. After all, isn’t staying safe and being happy what it’s all about?

This was the inspiration for HumFree the bee, who discovers he is allergic to the pollen, or protein, in blue and yellow flowers. He can’t touch it or eat it or be around it. But with the help of family and friends, he discovers he can land on other flowers, still be happy and fly super fast!

It’s a simple message with a big meaning. We need to help our children–all children–know that anything can be possible. It may not be easy and there may be obstacles, but it doesn’t mean we can’t reach for it. It doesn’t mean it can’t be ours.

I’m hopeful HumFree the bee will show our kids with food allergies there are ways to have fun and do what they love while being safe—especially with the help of family and friends. I also hope HumFree’s story will be a fun and educational way for parents, teachers and our friends to start a dialogue that teaches kids what food allergies are and shows them the importance of keeping our friends safe.

What’s Next?

I’m grateful for the food allergy communities, both local and through social media, that have offered resources, knowledge, guidance, support and friendship over the past several years.

These food allergy communities and friends are so gracious, helping families like mine by sharing their own talents. I’ve been wanting to give back. I’m hopeful I can do this with HumFree.

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I started telling HumFree’s story to my son to help him know he is not alone and that he can have just as much fun—if not more!—with safe planning and the support of his friends and family.

I’m so very proud of my son and HumFree’s message and have been super excited to share with everyone! I hope you will join us on HumFree the bee’s journey!

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  1. Monica O'Donnell

    I can’t wait to read this book to my kids!

    • Alison Johansen

      Thank you so much, mama! I can’t wait to introduce them to HumFree! 🙂